General Discussion & Chatbox Rules

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General Discussion & Chatbox Rules

Post by SheWolf on Wed May 06, 2015 6:15 pm

Here, you will be provided a list of rules for the General Discussion forum. Punishments for breaking these rules will not be noted, but still abide by them regardless of punishment. Repeated rule-breaking can always end up in a ban from the forums, though. If someone happens to break a rule or rules, please report them to SheWolf and she will take care of the situation accordingly. These rules are subject to change as we see fit.

General Discussion

* Arguments are fine, but do not let them get out of hand.

Arguments are perfectly normal, but do not let it reduce to harassment or anything of the such. This kind of behavior towards an argument is not needed, and we are all capable of arguments without this becoming a major issue. If you feel that an argument is getting out of hand, simply be the better person and end it by leaving the argument. If you are still bothered by the other user/s, notify SheWolf or report the user/s with a link to the original thread as well as an explanation.

* No mini-modding.

For those unaware of what a mini-mod is, this is a user that enforces the rules on an administrative level without actually being an administrator or moderator. Your attempt at helping is appreciated, but sometimes you can make things worse. If you really want to help out, simply report the thread and/or user/s breaking rules. This helps more than poking your head into the problem.

* No inappropriate images, please.

We are well aware that this may appear in forums at times, and we would just like to note that this is not allowed here, or anywhere on the forums.


The chatbox follows all of the rules of General Discussion with some added rules so that we are clear on what you should and shouldn't do.

* Spamming of the chatbox is not allowed, nor is forum spam.

No one wants a huge stream of messages or topics over and over and over again. If you are found continuously abusing the chatbox in any way, you could be looking at a potential chatbox ban or suspension.

* You may discuss anything in the chatbox, though you must remember that you still must follow the rules of General Discussion.

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