Souls of War Clan Rules & Restrictions

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Souls of War Clan Rules & Restrictions

Post by SheWolf on Wed May 06, 2015 4:57 pm

"Play to play, not to win."

This is more or less our motto, and by this we mean we're just in it to have fun. We don't need to win to enjoy ourselves, and we're not going to become hostile just because of a simple loss. SoW has a goal to be a clan made up entirely of friendly players that are chill when it comes to wins and losses. If you're a great player, congratulations, but don't be a royal ass just because you are a better player. Just have fun.

Recruitment Restrictions

Before joining, read over the restrictions so that you are aware of what may prevent you from being invited to join Souls of War. Some restrictions may not be required for you to join, and additional information will be provided if such is so. Be mindful that restrictions are subject to change as we see fit, though current members will not be affected if changes are made. For certain changes, all or certain members will be notified. If you have any questions or concerns, please send a message to SheWolf.

* It is preferred that you are at least 18 years of age when you join SoW.
We have nothing against those younger than 18, but be mindful that often those younger than 18 may be rather immature. SoW's leaders do not want children running around with the SoW tag whining and crying about simple little things such as a loss or certain gun being used. Mind you that this age is only a preference, and those younger than 18 may still be admitted. Further discussion is required if you are not 18, though.

* Hackers are not permitted to join.
It doesn't matter to us if you hack solo because that is your own choice, but you must not hack in multiplayer. If it is seen that you hack in multiplayer, you will be immediately denied and there are no exceptions. Don't hack and we will get along just fine.

* Only clan leaders and recruiters may accept others into the clan.
Recruiters are required to report to a can leader upon the addition of a member. If you were accepted by anyone that isn't a clan leader (SheWolf/Coldweiser) or recruiter (See member list.), you are not  considered part of the clan. Post here, or ask an actual clan leader or recruiter to ensure you have actually been accepted.

* Clan hopping equals an instant decline.
You may leave and return to SoW, but after leaving a third time you will be denied if you attempt to return. Clan hopping can be annoying and we see no point in coming back if you are only going to likely end up leaving again. Sorry, but we do not appreciate this at all. The only exception to this restriction if your leaves have been rather far apart from each other and by 'rather far' we do not mean monthly or bi-monthly.

* Tryouts are not required, but can be scheduled.
You're not required a tryout in most cases, but we can pull one together if you wish as much be done. The only reason we do not require tryouts is because we are open to players of any skill so long as they can follow our own motto. Don't be an ass and have fun. That's what we're all about.

Member Rules

It is ideal you read over these rules so that you know what we expect from you as a member, but no one will get on you for not reading them. Some rules are taken very seriously, but note that others will get you an immediate ban from the clan without hesitation or second thought. Such will not be noted under each rule, but we feel that some should be obvious, especially as to why. Be mindful that some broken rules require the opinion and input from the clan as a whole. These rules are subject to change at any time should we see fit. Members will be notified of any changes to these rules.

* Hacking is not tolerated. Period.
As said before, hacking solo is your own business, but this becomes the clan's problem once it starts in multiplayer. You, however, will not be expelled from the clan without proper proof (I.E. A video, some sort of screenshot that makes it obvious, etc.) or unless a clan leader sees you. Every member is expected to play fair because, let's be honest, hacking isn't all that fun, especially for those on the receiving end.

* Only leaders and recruiters may admit players into the clan.
Unless you were recruited by a recruiter or leader, you are not a member of our clan. Don't worry, though, because recruiters are to report to a leader as soon as possible after your recruitment. If such is not done, however, you are expected to know the name (or have a general idea of the name) of the player that recruited you.

* Have fun, and don't be an ass.
You are expected to abide by our motto. Getting mad happens to pretty much everyone, but please just leave the match or game if it is becoming too much for you. Cool off, and just let your anger melt away. Simply have fun, and keep your cool. You don't need to win, and you'll always get those players that like to use certain weapons you may hate. It happens all the time, so don't worry about it. In the end, you can always solve the problem by going elsewhere.

* Harassment is not tolerated.
Please do not harass other players or members. After all, we're here to have fun, not ruin each other's gaming experience or others'. In addition to this rule, this includes racism and sexism. We all have our own thoughts on these sorts of ideas, but do not be an ass about it or harass anyone over it. It's not worth it, and is not appreciated. Keep it to yourself if you can't control yourself.

* In the case of Warframe, members inactive for 150 days or more will be expelled from the clan.
You will be allowed back in the clan without being considered a 'clan hopper' once you return. Please understand that we simply want as many active members on Warframe as possible. It's nothing against you; we just want to keep the idea of our members being active true.

Other Notes & Information.

Anything that was not covered above will be shown here. This will include additional notes about the clan, as well as anything else we see fit to add here.

* Clan members may initiate a vote to expel another member from the clan.
If you feel a member of the clan should be stricken from SoW, please notify a leader. Be mindful you are expected to give a reason why in as much detail as possible. Simply not liking a member "just because" is not a good enough reason to initiate a kick-out vote. Any and all votes will be anonymous, and the person that initiated the vote will be kept anonymous as well. Telling your vote is your own choice, but please note everyone will be given the reason why so that this vote may be proper and not blind.

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