Recruitment Contest [Coming Soon]

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Recruitment Contest [Coming Soon]

Post by SheWolf on Mon May 11, 2015 9:21 pm

This thread is a work in progress!

Recruitment Event: Warframe

This event is currently exclusive to those with the title of 'Recruiter' or 'Second Commander' or anyone that has such an ability on Warframe. Should this prove successful, this will open an additional contest open to all members. Consider this a sort of kickoff contest for what will hopefully come. Please keep in mind this event only applies to Warframe. Other games are not counted here, though there may be contests later on for others. Do not take such as a guarantee, however. If you need further clarification on this event, please contact SheWolf for additional information or clarification. Thanks!

The Recruitment Event: Warframe is a contest dedicated to getting the clan's member count up, and hopefully a great deal. This is also to provide motivation for our recruiters so that they may help us gain the member count we seek to have. Recruiters hold up before you go rushing out, though. I'm not finished yet. There are, of course, rules and restrictions you must meet in order to actually participate correctly. Keep all rules and restrictions in mind while recruiting and do not, I repeat, do not violate any of these rules and restrictions.

How can I possibly motivate you, you ask? Prizes. There are definitely prizes.

Basic Rundown

Can just those with the 'Recruiter' title join in here?

No, this is open to anyone with the power to recruit on Warframe. If you can recruit, you can join in.

How do we win the contest?

The basic idea is to recruit as many players as possible while following the rules and restrictions below. There is, however, a bonus point system for those that recruit certain ranks of players. Get the most points and you win. Simple as that.

What is with the point system? Why have it?

Just to make things interesting, and maybe a bit more challenging. Let's be honest here, I'm not going to make it too simple for you to do. I have to change it up somehow, don't I? Simple recruitment is far too easy alone.

So what is the point system?

For every player you recruit, you earn one point. If the player is of rank 2-7, you earn one extra point. For ranks 0-1 that are recruited, you only earn the single recruitment point. Ranks 8-11 recruited grant you two extra points rather than one. If you recruit someone of rank 12-17, you are granted three extra points. Anyone you recruit higher than rank 17 grants you five extra points. For those in need of a visual, see below.

An additional point will be granted if you can get this member to have a friendly chat with us on TeamSpeak 3 and/or Skype. This isn't always common for Warframe players to do, so it is great if you can manage to get them to voice chat with us! SheWolf (Vuncarviun) must be present for this to count!

Rank 0-1: +0 Bonus
Rank 2-7: +1 Bonus
Rank 8-11: +2 Bonus
Rank 12-17: +3 Bonus
Rank 18+: +5 Bonus

In turn, points may be removed as well. This will serve as punishment for any of the reasons below (and reasons as to why are subject to change should a problem arise) unless further punishment is needed. Should further punishment be seen as fitting, SheWolf (Vuncarviun) will contact you personally.

Any new player violating clan rules will result in the recruiter's points for recruiting that player being revoked as well as an additional 2 point penalty. Should the player cause any further trouble, the point penalty will increase for that individual recruiter.
Should any new player leave soon after joining, any points gained from that player's recruitment will be revoked with an additional 1 point penalty.

Remember to report any people you recruit to me immediately or you do not receive credit for recruitment.

When does this end?

This ends either when a deadline has been met or when we can no longer expand.


All participants must abide by these rules and restrictions or they will be disqualified.

* Recruiters must report new recruits to SheWolf (Vuncarviun) immediately or at the earliest convenience with the exact name of the player they recruited. It is also preferred you include the player's mastery rank.
* As tempting as it is to go recruit as many people as possible without a care in the world, I wish you still take it slow and abide by the SoW clan recruitment rules. New players are great, but be careful. They should not be violating any rules on their first few days.
* I am not allowed to give any recruitment advice to anyone except for this:
Warframe players may look for large clans, but I suggest being honest and telling them we are a Shadow clan looking to grow! We are small, but strong. Let them know of our friendly, helpful members. Tell them we don't really have any rank restrictions - we're open to newbies! These sorts of things are great to tell others about our clan. Don't limit it to this, though. Let them know whatever you feel would be best!
* Should this event end quickly, we will build our next barracks up and continue the recruitment contest with additional rewards for the participating recruiters. The 'Recruiter' position may be opened during this time, though there is no guarantee.
* Points will be kept in secret until the event's end so that no one may see the point penalties (if any). You will not know of any of these penalties until the end of the event at which you will see the point history for each individual recruiter. This is to ensure our recruiters are doing their jobs correctly. Let this be your final warning, recruiters.
* The amount of time a player must remain within the clan for you to obtain the point/s for recruitment will be kept secret until the end to prevent anyone from trying to be too slick.


Additional rewards will be available if the event runs fast enough.

No Expansion
20 Platinum

First Expansion
1st Place: 40 Platinum
2nd Place: A choice of one prime part from my own supply.

Second Expansion
1st Place: 80 Platinum
2nd Place: A choice of up to two prime parts from my own supply.

Third Expansion
1st Place: 100 Platinum
2nd Place: A choice of up to two prime parts from my own supply.
3rd Place: A choice of one prime part from my own supply.

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Re: Recruitment Contest [Coming Soon]

Post by SheWolf on Mon May 11, 2015 10:01 pm


No recorded participants thus far!


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