Clan Emblem Suggestions

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Clan Emblem Suggestions

Post by SheWolf on Wed Jul 01, 2015 4:55 pm

So, not only do we need a generalized emblem for the clan, we also need one for Warframe. The Warframe emblem doesn't have to be the same as our official clan emblem (so if you prefer a Warframe-related emblem for Warframe, feel free to suggest it), but I feel we do need an emblem for the clan as a whole, mainly because this emblem will go in the banner (or other places around the forum, which you may see slight changes in as it is worked upon).

Suggestions will be listed below:

* Reaper (Generalized, but trying to stray from the stereotypical reaper)
* Lounging werewolf (showing the clan's casual nature)
* Fluffy wolf holding a heavy weapon
* Star (with more done)


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