Hide 'n' Seek [Planning Thread]

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Hide 'n' Seek [Planning Thread]

Post by SheWolf on Fri Jun 26, 2015 10:57 pm

This will be the temporary planning thread for this event. Better names & suggestions are welcome! You may post ideas here.

Other Suggestions:

* One full floor dedicated to hide and seek that is multicoloured (each room coloured randomly a solid or dual colour). Some rooms will be multicoloured to allow for bonus points if you are able to stay hidden.
* Annual event.


* Any colours may be used.
* Seekers must simply tag a player to consider them found.
* Seekers may have chances to call out "FREEZE" in which case everyone must stop moving if they aren't already still. Numbers of chances are weighted upon how many hiders there are. Players may return to moving after 5 seconds have passed.
* Players may move freely around the map as they please unless the seeker call out "FREEZE."
* Seekers MUST have their HUD disabled. It would be preferred you share screens, but this is not required, seeing as not everyone may have Skype (or anything of the such).
* Seekers will be given a base time limit to find players based upon how many players are present and playing. Every player adds an additional 30 seconds to the timer.


* Every person you call out that is not visible to you will mean you lose any and all points that you have earned in total from calling those players out. Not only this, but you will receive a 10 point penalty.
* If you are caught ghosting (with solid proof), you forfeit half of the points you earned in total to the person you called out. Repeat offenders forfeit all points and are suspended for 2 weeks. If you possess no points and are ghosting, you are disqualified and will be prohibited from returning for the next annual event. A 'parole' option may be available in the beginning for the next annual event where you may join in halfway through. If you are caught once more, not only are you disqualified, but you are prohibited from joining in the annual event for the following year. No 'parole' will be available for that time.

Bonus Points

* 10 points if the seeker finds and captures every player

* 1 point for any prime frame used (assuming you have not been caught)
* 1 point if you're using an elemental mod (aside from ice) on a melee weapon (admin must be shown before points are added) - Points become null and void if you are spotted

Special Bonuses

* Eidetic Memory: Amidst all the people you have already caught, you have successfully found the last few hiders. You will get extra points depending on how many players are in the room (total players divided by two).
* Ghost Buster: You found a person hiding in a glitch! 2.5 points per person captured!
* Stalker: You decided to hide and wait for your prey to cross your path. You get 2 points per person spotted!

* Blind Eyed Bat Bonus: Players hiding in plain sight that are not sighted get an extra 5 points (meaning you must win to get these points)
* Rainbow Room: [TBD]
* Sore Thumb: You were not found even though you were hiding in a room drastically different in colour than yourself (Example: You're red hiding in a green room). Must not have been sighted for this bonus. Bonus 5 points.

Non-stackable Bonuses

* Blind Eyed Bat and Sore Thumb


* .5 points for every player correctly spotted (called out)
* .5 points for every person tagged

* 1 point for not getting caught
* 1 point if you were never called out
* 1 point per hider still hiding (seen or not) - This applies to those that have been caught!

Name Suggestions:

Hunting Season


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